Breast enlargement in Reutlingen and Tübingen with Dr. Muringaseril, MD

You would like to have a breast enlargement and are looking for a suitable plastic surgeon who specialises in breast enlargement – then Dr. Muringaseril is the right choice for you.

Your advantages of breast surgery with Dr. Muringaseril, M.D.

  • Dr. med. Mathew Munringaseril is a specialist for plastic and aesthetic surgery.
  • He practices in the region of Reutlingen / Tübingen and Stuttgart
  • Dr. Muringaseril has over 15 years of experience in plastic surgery.

Brief summary of breast enlargement  in Reutlingen:

surgery duration: 60 minutes

Anaesthesia: General anaesthesia

Hospital stay: one night

Aftercare: sports bra for approx. 6 weeks

Stitches: removed none

Fit for social life: after 1 week

What are the costs of a breast enlargement?

The costs for a breast enlargement depend on the extent of the operation and include the following costs: the anaesthetic, the anaesthetic and the operating team, the operation itself, as well as all treatment appointments and aftercare. After a detailed consultation and according to your wishes, an exact cost plan will be drawn up.

What breast implants are available?

What is the goal of a breast enlargement?

A breast surgery can restore the breast to its original or new natural and aesthetic shape or create symmetry. As a specialist in breast enlargement, this operation has been one of the most frequently performed surgical procedures by me for years. At or you can find more information about it or read testimonials from patients who have already had the operation. In a detailed and personal consultation, in which you can also try out trial implants, I will address your individual questions and concerns.

The methods of breast augmentation with implants:

Breast enhancement with silicone implants

Silicone implants are most commonly used for breast enhancement. The implants have undergone significant technical development in recent years and decades, so that they can now be considered a “high-tech product”. There is a wide range of shapes and sizes, so that a suitable implant can be selected for every body type and the desired breast shape for an optimal, individual result. The shape of the implants is decisive for the later aesthetics and shape of the breast. There are implants with a round or anatomical (teardrop-shaped) shape, whereby a teardrop-shaped implant tends to result in a more natural appearance. The round implants, on the other hand, can appear somewhat “unnatural”, which is also desired by patients.

Breast enhancement with saline implants

For some years now it has been possible to rely on implants with saline solution. They are offered as an alternative to silicone implants and have also proven their longevity. Some patients prefer them because their filling is more natural than silicone. If there is a fine tear in the implant and the filling leaks out, this is harmless to the body because saline can be broken down by the body. However, saline implants for breast augmentation have a slightly lower form stability. Since they are a bit like water-filled balloons, they may make a “gurgling” sound during vigorous movements, such as during sports. Incidentally, the shell of the implants is also made of silicone.

What are the differences between breast enhancement implants?

The products of well-known implant manufacturers differ both in their geometric shape and in the strength levels of the silicone gel, so these factors are also taken into account when choosing your personal implant. When it comes to implant shells, mainly textured implants are used today.

These have a rough surface and thus reduce the risk of capsular fibrosis (hardening of the capsule). The risk of postoperative capsular fibrosis is between 5-7%, depending on the literature, although from my personal experience I can assume a lower rate. The implants used for breast enhancement are filled with a cohesive gel that has a high binding capacity. This means that the inside of the implants is no longer liquid, which means that they can no longer leak after being damaged, as was the case with the first implants, and they also guarantee a high degree of dimensional stability. The cohesive gel is also available in different strength levels, which can also be taken into account with regard to the desired surgical result.

What is the procedure for a breast surgery?

Before the operation, all the important details are clarified with you during a detailed consultation and after a physical examination. The aim is to take your personal ideas and anatomical characteristics into account and thus achieve an optimal result for you. The access routes for breast enhancement are the underbust fold, the areola and the armpit.

An implant pocket is formed on the pectoralis muscle (chest muscle), either above or below the large chest muscle, depending on which implant position was discussed with you pre-operatively. The position of the implant depends on the conditions of the soft tissue mantle (skin, subcutaneous fatty tissue and mammary gland tissue).

As a rough guide, it can be said that if the soft tissue mantle is good, the implant can also be placed on the muscle without causing a step formation (transition from the ribcage to the breast) postoperatively. More often, however, the implant is placed under the muscle, as in most patients the soft tissue mantle of the breast is too small to achieve a natural result. The operation itself is performed with a minimum of blood using high-frequency technology, so that no drains usually have to be inserted after the operation.

What are the most common reasons for breast enhancement?

The female breast is considered the symbol of femininity and contributes to many women feeling feminine and attractive. From my many years of professional experience, a beautiful breast or breast shape can therefore contribute decisively to a woman’s positive attitude to life. However, the breast is subject to constant natural changes due to ageing processes, hormonal changes, weight fluctuations or pregnancies. Asymmetry or a breast size/shape that deviates from the desired image and does not match the actual physique or body symmetry can also be caused by disposition. These changes can have a significant impact on a woman’s self-confidence and body image.

Breast enhancement after pregnancy and breastfeeding

As beautiful and happy as pregnancy is, it also puts an enormous strain on the body. This is because the organism undergoes hormonal changes and the woman gains weight. Pregnancy is usually accompanied by a weight gain of 15 to 25 kg. If you consider these drastic changes, it is not surprising that connective tissue and breast shape can change. Despite exercise and a healthy diet, the pregnancy is still clearly visible in the body afterwards. Some women are bothered by sagging breasts and drooping skin tissue, which is why they wish to have a breast surgery. The individual case decides whether this should also be accompanied by a skin tightening.

Doctors recommend that mothers breastfeed their children. As important as this is, breastfeeding can be very noticeable on the body. A sagging of the breast skin and the mammary gland can be the result. How pronounced this is depends on the frequency and length of breastfeeding. A consultation with a plastic surgeon will reveal the extent to which a breast augmentation and breast lift can be performed. In some cases, a lift or only an implant is sufficient. In severe cases, it may be advisable to combine a lift with an implant.

Breast surgery for unequal breasts

Many patients suffer from breast asymmetry – although there are many reasons for this. This can be a congenital malformation, or it can also be caused by rapid weight loss.

Breast augmentation after weight loss

Since the breast is made up of fatty tissue, among other things, weight has a great influence on the appearance of the breast. This becomes particularly obvious when a woman has lost a considerable amount of weight. Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for the famous yo-yo effect to occur, whereby the breast first loses weight and then gains it back later. This affects the elastic fibres of the breast tissue, which lose elasticity. A sagging of the breast including a volume shift is often observed as an undesirable result. With the help of a breast augmentation, the breast can be brought back into shape. Depending on the extent of the sagging, it is performed with or without a breast lift.

Breast surgery for tubular/unshaped breasts

A tubular breast – also known as a tube breast or trunk breast, is a mostly congenital breast malformation from which the affected women suffer greatly.

Renewed breast surgery

If a breast augmentation has gone wrong and the breast implants are incorrectly positioned or uneven, the desired breast can be achieved by a repeat breast surgery. A change of implants may also be advisable if the doctor diagnoses capsular fibrosis or the implants cause unexpected pain. Some patients are not happy with the size of the implants afterwards, so that a repeat breast augmentation may be the solution. Your doctor will provide you with comprehensive and competent advice on the subject of breast surgery.

Breast reconstruction and breast enlargement after breast removal

Breast cancer and an increased risk of mama-ca can make breast removal advisable or even unavoidable. But no woman has to live with this condition, because breast reconstruction and breast augmentation are possible. The costs are usually covered by the statutory health insurance. The procedure for breast augmentation after breast removal depends on the individual case. It may be that the skin is first stretched by the use of an expander. After a certain period of time, the skin is finally stretched to such an extent that a final implant can be inserted under the skin.

Questions and answers on the subject of breast enlargement

Before a breast surgery, a comprehensive examination including a blood count is required. The operation itself is performed under general anaesthesia. Patients who take blood-thinning medication should stop taking it or have it changed under medical supervision.

After a breast surgery, you should wear a special bra for 6 weeks to support the healing process. This bra supports the positioning of the implants in the breast, so wearing this special bra day and night is very important!

According to the DGÄPC, breast enhancement has been the number one cosmetic operation in Germany for years. According to the Statista infographic (as of 2014), almost 84% of women hope for an improved attitude to life as a result of the operation. Almost 16 % want to achieve an ideal of beauty, 7 % want to reduce physical limitations and about 3 % want to increase their professional opportunities. Several methods of breast enhancement are available and contribute to the fact that the procedure is so often desired and performed.

After a breast surgery, it is normal to experience slight pain and swelling. However, these disappear again after a few days. The post-operative pain is minor and can be well controlled with the classic painkillers (e.g. ibuprofen).

Complications are rare for breast surgery as a whole, but they cannot be ruled out. Swelling and minor bruising may occur postoperatively, but these usually disappear after a short time.

In my experience, the sensitivity of the breast can range from somewhat hypersensitive to somewhat reduced postoperatively, but recovers quickly in the first few weeks. The ability to breastfeed is usually maintained after breast augmentation. It is recommended to wear a sports bra for about 6 weeks.

Make an appointment for a breast augmentation consultation. I look forward to welcoming you to my practice.